Is it legal to wear body armour in the UK?

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It is Legal to Own and Wear Body armour in the UK?

Feeling protected is important to everyone. There are many dangerous places in the world where wearing body armour can give someone the peace of mind they need to be able to travel through the location with ease. Many people do not realise that body armour is completely legal in the UK. Anyone can purchase, own, and wear body armour whenever they choose.

If you travel through a bad part of town to get to work or live in an area that you feel may be a bit dangerous at times, you may want to invest in body armour. There is body armour available that you can wear underneath your clothing so that no one knows that you are wearing it. The body armour often features a carrier that is made from a breathable material that will prevent sweat from pooling under or around the edges of the vest. The body armour is available for men or for women. A woman’s vest is specifically designed to fit the curvature of a woman’s body comfortably. The vest will be undetectable and give someone the protection they need to feel safe and secure regardless of where they are going or what they are doing.

If someone chooses to wear a vest that goes on the top of their clothes called an overt vest, they need to be prepared to get a few looks and perhaps questioned by law enforcement officials. Wearing a visible vest may strike many people as odd and could cause them to wonder why someone is wearing it. Police officers may think that someone wearing a visible vest is planning something that could cause injury to others and is protecting themselves from the emending danger.

If someone finds that they are stopped and question by law enforcement officers, it is important for them to remember that the officers are just doing their jobs. The officers must worry about the safety of the community and insure that they investigate anything that could be a potential threat. Someone needs to be patient and calm when they are speaking with the officers. Many officers know about dangerous areas and will be understanding if someone explains why they are wearing the vest.

If someone wants to avoid the hassles of being questioned about the vest they are wearing, they should stick with a covert vest. No one will know that they have it on and they will be able to get the protection they need to feel safe. Covert vests are available in many different colors and sizes. Covert vests are available in many different protection levels as well. The average person will benefit from the stab, ballistic, and spike proof vests. If someone attempts to rob them with a knife or gun, they will be protected because the vest will prevent a knife from penetrating them. Everyone should be able to feel safe at all times and wearing body armour will allow them to do that. Anyone can take their comfort and safety into their own hands. 

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